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Chapman's In Santa Ana, California

Across the top from the left are Edgar and Etta, Myrtle, Mable and Fred.
Across the bottom from the left are Emma and Albert, Ida (Chapman) Cochran,
Ella (Chapman) Etchinson and George Etchinson, Francis Cochran, and Charles.

"New Chapman Photo's 28 March 2007"

Do you know who these Chapman people are ?
I beleive that all the pictures were taken in Pottawatomie Kansas

Please E-mail if you do know who or what they are of.

I do believe this picture was taken in Kansas

I think this is Simeon and Harriet's Kansas home

Something was important about taking this picture of this room

On the back of the photo it says 3 years old

Simeon and Harriet Chapmans home in 1902
Westmoreland Kansas Congretional Church at their home
Norman Chapman e-mailed me and said this about Chapman Churches
Simeon was not the first in his line to hold church at his place.
Uriah Chapman held church at his place in Lackaway as well.
He and his father Moses were members of a group called the
Bean Hill Separatist, who were at the forefront of the religious
Great Awakening in New England in the 1730's and 1740's

I believe this is a photo of Ella Chapman
George Chapman's wife

I think this is the same person

These two girls I believe are in the picture above

This picture was taken in 1847
Courtesy of Phillip Chapman Elsworth

Edilda born 16 March 1835
Diadama born 2 May 1838
Margary born 11 January 1840
Nancy born November 1841

This Chapman lady is married from seeing the rings.
Clothing looks like same time period as above 1840's to 50's

Charles Chapman is sitting in front of the car
Hazel his daughter is first kid to the left.

Onega Lumber Co. in Kansas
Charles Chapman is the man on the far right in picture 1

Chapman Lumber in Downtown Santa Ana
The Chapman girls leased the Lumber Yard to
Maclain Cadilac for 20 years. From 1952 to 1972.
In 1972 Maclain bought the yard from the girls.

Charles Chapman bought the lumber company from a company
called Consolidated in 1905. He changed the name to CH Chapman
in 1905. Charles paid payments to Consolidted until
the lumber yard was paid off in the 1930's.

The Contractor's Searchlight, the pamphlet that CH Chapman Lumber
put out, it mentions a building service that was available.

Albert was a "carpenter contractor", which, in those days,
was roughly equivalent to what we call a general contractor today.

Albert on left and Simeon on right

Down town Santa Ana, CA 1933

The siamese cat on the table his name was Chang

Back row second at right is Simeon Chapman then Archie Hayes
I think the next lady is Archie's wife Hester Hillman Hayes. Last lady is Hatttie Chapman
Simeon's wife. Next is Charles's girls and on the bottom is right
Charles is sitting and wife Myrtle Hayes Chapman. Archie and Hester
are Myrtle's parents. Back right first man I do not know who he is
Lady second left I do not know who she is either

Simeon and Harriets home
August 15, 1900 Westmoreland, Kansas

Next three pictures are Charles Chapman

Charles Chapman is the fourth rider from the top. Myrtle is one of
the lady riders. They are at the Grand Canyon

This picture is Charles Chapman and his daughter Hazel
They are some where at the ocean. Maybe Little Corona

Charles Chapman with young man Richard Phillips who lived next door

Younger Charles Chapman

Charles Chapman not long before his death

Hazel Chapman is the first girl at right in front
Simeon is the tall gentleman

Hazel Chapman is the girl with her arms around the post

This photo all the ladies just got new perms and glasses

Harriet Chapman is the second lady from the left

This photo from right sitting is Charles Chapman, Polly Dane,

Haze Dane, Frank Dane, Myrtle Cartwright Polly's sister.
Back row left is Raymond Hill and Myrtle Chapman. Can't see the
man on the far right.

Chapman Boy may be Charles - TIN TYPE PHOTO


Lyman Chapman and wife Catherine LaValley or lovaley


Courtesy of Phillip Chapman Elsworth

Lyman Chapman's land in Crawford County Missouri
Courtsey of Norman Chapman

1860 census - Crawford Co. MO House 798
Lyman J. Chapman 52
Susan 40
? Male 23
NANCY 18 who is in the picture
A.J. 15
Calvin J. 13 who I think is Simeon
S.C. 11
Thomas J. 1

Back ground of picture is paper
photo is paper glued to background

Nancy Chapman

Back of pictures says: Baldwin, July 4th 93,
Westmoreland Kas. Little Eddie

Simeon Chapman and his boys in their band uniforms

50th Wedding party with family and friends

Courtesy of Norman Chapman

Albert, Emma, Son Frank and younger son George

Fred Chapman wife Mable H. and their son Robert

Frank Harlan Chapman, Wife Ruby

Frank Harlan Chapman

Melborne Lee Chapman

Simeon and Harriet Chapman's home in Santa Ana, California

Courtesy of Norman Chapman

Frank Dane Hazel's husband and her parents Charles and Myrtle

Left to right: Myrtle (mother) and her daughters
Hazel Elva and Viola

This picture was taken just prior to the move to California
I've been told that 3 of the kids in the picture should be
George, Frank and Hazel Chapman.
Hazel is the child on the far left.

Hazel Chapman Dane is girl on the right.

Elva Chapman Charles's daughter

Back of photo says left to right: Hazel Chapman
Ida, Lois and Id's sister Dora. Must be Hazel's friends from school
Left side of the picture above the bridge I could see
a sign saying Jewel City

On January 16, 1916, it was reported in the newspaper, the POST, that Frank Burt, who had managed
the concessions at the recent Panama Pacific Exposition just closing in San Francisco,
was coming to Seal Beach. His purpose was to establish an amusement zone for Fun and
Frolic in this small beach village. The Jewel City Amusement Company was formed and a new
1,865 feet long pier was constructed in early summer 1916. The original pier was built in
1906. The famous Seal Beach roller coaster must have been sensational because the screams from
the down-swoops could be heard in Long Beach!




I would be interested in hearing from anyone that has more
information on the Chapman line.

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